HTH spa™ Care Bromine Tabs

HTH spa™ Care Bromine Tabs

HTH Pools

Enjoy all the effectiveness of chlorine without the chlorine odor! Use these convenient tabs to sanitize your spa water to keep it clean, clear and ready for relaxation.

  • Ideal for sanitizing spas and hot tubs
  • No heavy chlorine odor or irritation
  • Fits all floaters

Creates soft water feel

HTH spa™ Bromine Tabs not only disinfect and sanitize your water, but they also create softer-feeling water for total relaxation.

You’re all clear with HTH®

For best results, use HTH spa™ Bromine Tabs as part of your regular HTH spa™ care routine.

Compatible with bromine spas

Unlike chlorine, bromine has less odor, so it won't irritate skin or bleach bathing suits.

How to use

HTH spa™ Care Bromine Tabs

1. Test Your Spa Water

Use HTH spa™ Test Strips to test your spa water twice weekly. Bromine levels should be maintained between 2 – 4 ppm

2. Place Tab(s) In Floater

Refer to the on-pack instructions for correct dosage.

3. Adjust or Replace

HTH spa™ Bromine Tabs in floater as needed.

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