Builders Plumbing Supply 0" To 18" Adjustable Periscope Dryer Vent 2"x6" (0-18″)

Builders Plumbing Supply

The 0-18″ Periscope is used for close clearance dryer transition duct. It solves situations where the dryer outlet overlaps or is within 18″ of the wall outlet. The smooth interior decreases air friction for excellent airflow.

Made of 2″ x 6″ rigid aluminum
One 4″ male, crimped rotating snap-lock™ collar fits into wall outlet
One 4″ female, draw band rotating collar fits over dryer outlet
Two sections telescope from 0″ to 18″
Baffles are included to help direct airflow in 3-5″ situations
Meets clothes dryer manufacturer specifications
UL® and non-UL® versions

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