Dimex EasyFlex No-Dig Landscape Edging, 20' L


EasyFlex® No-Dig Landscape Edging® capitalizes on a fast-growing DIY landscaping trend toward clean-looking bed lines that are quick and easy to install. The 1.5″ tall, L-shaped profile sits on the ground surface, eliminating the need to dig or trench for installation. This profile design also offers superior flexibility and workability versus competitive products.

Easily install EasyFlex® Original No-Dig Landscape Edging® in two easy steps:

1) Clear the area of debris and align the edging to the shape of the bed

2) Use a mallet to pound the anchoring spikes (included) into the ground


Project kits include edging, anchoring spikes, and connector(s)
Extra spike accessory packs are also available for separate purchase
Coils are available in a variety of lengths from 12′ up to 100′
Longer length coils minimize spliced connections between pieces and their compact form allows them to be shipped and handled easily and efficiently
Spike holes on each tab allow versatile spike placement around rocks and tree roots
Easily cut edging to length as needed
Heavy-duty contractor grade option available
Manufactured in the USA from recycled polyethylene compound
U.S. Patents No. D733,936; D748,822; D748,823; D773,074; D800,352; U.S. Patent Pending; Canadian Patents No. 154108 & 159149; Canadian Patent Pending

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