Trimaco’s SuperTuff® Double Guard Drop Cloth 8′ x 12′


Trimaco’s SuperTuff® Double Guard Drop Cloth combines an absorbent top layer with a leak-resistant, poly bottom layer to provide protection from paint spills and leaks. This painter’s drop cloth provides great surface protection during painting, plastering, staining and more. Although not washable, the absorbent material is reusable.

For maximum protection, use film side down so spills do not leak though and harm surfaces. Painter’s drop cloth is available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Check out all of Trimaco’s drop cloths, such as the heavy duty Eliminator, and traditional canvas drop cloths.

Also known as the Catch-All Drop Cloth
Super absorbent cloth-like material with leak resistant plastic backing
Reusable 2-layer protection
Leak resistant bottom layer
Not washable

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